MameCat32 is a Java based application that allows you to create category files that can be read from the "folders" directory of Mame32. It uses the catver.ini file supplied by TriggerFin (http://www.mameworld.info/catlist). It will list the categories defined by the catver.ini files and allow you to create custom files that can show or not show certain games in Mame32. All You need to do is to select the root directory of your Mame32 installation during the setup of MameCat32.

An example of use would be, if you would like to not show *mature* files but do not wish to eliminate them from you rom collection you can simple create a custom files that dose not contain any roms in the *mature* categories.
Other options you can do with MameCat32.

It can create the Mame.xml file and load the description of each game along with a screenshot for idetification. This can help in deciding on whether you wish to use a game in a certain ini file. You can also drag and drop a rom files onto the Mame32 Icon to launch Mame32 to view the game.


This is a beta version and I'm sure it has bugs. Please feel free to email me with bugs and or comments and suggestions. ArcadeManiac@columbus.rr.com

System Requirements


Using MameCat32

        Double click on the MameCat32.exe to start the application

        If you haven't all ready downloaded the catver.ini file you will see the following information screen


        Click "OK"


        Click "Yes" to download the catver.ini file and extract it into the same directory as MameCat32.exe. Example "C:\MameCat32"

        Click the "Refresh Button" under the "View Menu"


        You should now see all the categories loaded.


       Click on the "Set Folders Path" option under the "Mame32 Options" menu


        Select the directory that you have installed Mame32 to. Example: "C:\Mame32"


        You should now have more options available under the "Mame32 Options" menu.


        Basically you can now select the category/categories and click the "Create Files(s)" button.

        This will create custom .ini files that can be viewed in Mame32

        You can click on the "View Mame32 'folders'" option in the "Mame32 Options" menu